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6 Ways to seize the day with your bestie in 2021!

Marcus Viljoen (TTB Writer)

There is no better co-pilot than a happy hound. They might not be great at navigating, but as dog owners know, there is nothing quite like sharing adventures with a fur friend, and they're a fantastic reminder to seize the day, get outdoors, breathe deep, and find joy in the simple moments. After all, who else would think a road trip to a nearby park is a full-blown adventure, or that discovering an empty toilet roll and destroying it is the best thing ever? Going out and doing activities with your doggo strengthens your bond and provides physical and mental stimulation for both of you, which is good for overall wellbeing, especially in these coronial times. Here are 6 activities to keep those tails wagging.

1. Take a walking tour of your city. 

Play tourist with your bestie. Plan your route to make pit-stops at your city's pet-friendly restaurants and cafes for treats and attention. Remember to wear your mask and keep up the social distancing. 

TIP: Download the DoggyDo app for things to do with your doggo. 

2. Head to your local hiking trail in the mountain or forest

There are lots of resources online to find the best route for you and your doggo. Ensure you see if your local trail allows your furry companion; not all roads are pet friendly. 

TIP: Always take water along with you to keep your doggo hydrated.

3. Run or Jog together.

Nothing tires out a doggo with lots of energy like a long run, though some dogs are better suited for longer distances than others. Look out for virtual races online and start training together. 

TIP: Always bring fuel, like treats and water. Consider the temperature outside, as well as your dog's overall health and fitness.

4. Visit an off-leash dog park where your dog can socialise

Find your nearest off-leash dog park and let your pup do some mingling. Keep an eye on your doggo at all times. If your dog is not social, please keep your dog on a lead or don't visit off-leash dog parks, instead take your doggo on some one on one time. 

TIP: Respect the park and always bring a poop bag. You can find some here.

5. Make a toy for your doggo

Dogs with lots of energy need diversions. The internet is full of creative brain teasers you can make with items in your home, from materials you'd typically throw away.

TIP: Supervise any new toy, especially something home-made. Or purchase a pet puzzle here. 

6. Find a spot for an Instagram photoshoot.

A graffitied wall in Woodstock, your favourite city view like Signal Hill, a famous statue, or on your favourite hiking trail - pack treats and try to get your pooch to pose at a spot with a little character, and you are bound to get all that Instagram hearts.

TIP: Create your unique hashtag and make this a series. #impawtant

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