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A Lolly to make you Jolly

We're finally enjoying some proper sunshine! During the hot summer months, your doggo can get super hot and it can be a challenge to cool them down. Lollipups are a great way to keep your pooch occupied whilst cooling them down. They're also easy to make and you can enjoy them too!

For the blueberry lollipup:
blueberries 250g
honey 1 tsp
water 250ml
For the pineapple lollipup:
pineapple 1 or 1 cup (skin removed and chopped)
honey 1 tsp
tumeric 1 tsp
water 250ml
For the strawberry lollipup:
strawberries 250g
honey 1 tsp
rooibos tea 250ml (chilled)
Step by step: 
For each, blitz the ingredients in a blender and pour into moulds. Freeze for 8 hours.

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