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Sonia Toni (TTB writer)

We’ve all done it, or at least thought about it – impulse bought a really cute puppy or kitten that we have seen in a pet shop or come across on a breeder’s premises. We are riddled in justifications for doing so and are steadfast in the knowledge that this tangible addition to our lives is going to make everything perfect. And besides, it’s the festive season, so what an ideal opportunity to bring home a new animal. More often than not, this quick arrival is a success, and the new family member is wrapped in solace and copious servings of positive attention. The footing is set firmly for a forever home and everyone is happy. But there can often be a less fluffy reality in where the early months of the year have passed and it has been decided that for any number of reasons, the disadvantages of having this pet far outweigh the advantages and you must surrender the responsibility to a local animal shelter. Each time an animal arrives at a shelter, it’s potential for becoming settled in a forever home becomes compromised, not to mention the arduous work that the shelters have to undertake during the complex adoption process. Although initial intentions may be pure and loving, I urge you this festive season to think thoroughly about what to ask for, and to make sure you are fully invested in the all-encompassing often unpredictable adventure that you are to be sharing with your newly acquired, spirited friend. Without doubt, the sacred relationships we form with our pets unarguably inject a touch of magic into our lives, and the reward; requited love, is unmeasurable.

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