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Rescue Success Story: Twiggy

From a life on the streets of Balvenie to a comfortable couch in Edgemead, Twiggy – now Bailey – is living the dream!

It took a tireless year for the Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL) to rescue a helpless woof from the streets of Balvenie Close, situated next to Epping Forest in Cape Town.

Twiggy was a highly street smart doggie with a fear of people despite having an owner.

Poor Twiggy arrived with the worst case of mange the AACL has ever seen. In the beginning she resisted the inspectors and hid away in her kennel. With patience, skin treatment and plenty of love,Twiggy started to blossom into a stunning pup. Fast-forward just two months of committed care, and Twiggy was on the road to recovery. Despite her progress, the adoption officers (kennel manager Robert Scott and inspector Danfred Olifant) were worried that she would struggle to find a forever home: Who would be interested in adopting a dog that looked like her?

Twiggy was advertised everywhere. The public kindly helped with donations to enable the AACL to continue to care for her, but no one wanted to adopt her. After an advertisement in the Tyger Burger, someone finally phoned to say they were interested in Twiggy. In September 2017, Twiggy was placed in her new home with Alfie Schrickker and Debbie Johnson. They were committed to truly making a difference in her life.

Twiggy is now known as Bailey and has settled happily with her new family. Alfie and Debbie say that she has brought them so much joy.They continue to treat her skin and coat with a combination of a controlled diet, regular baths and Bravecto. This has proven to work very well, but their vet has told them that certain bald patched may never recover as the follicles are but who have so much to give.

Bailey’s new family shared a number of wonderful developments that have happened since they’ve adopted Bailey that prove you can teach an old dog new tricks! At last she has found her voice and now barks whenever anyone walks past their house; a sign that she knows where she belongs and who she needs to protect. When they first got Bailey, they tried to play with her, but when they threw a ball she ran away from it in a terrible fright. They wondered whether this was based on experiences of having things thrown at her when she was on the streets. Now her ball is one of her favourite things!

Alfie and Debbie are forever grateful for the hard work AACL put into Bailey’s recovery and for nursing her back to health. They would like to encourage people to adopt – particularly dogs like Bailey who aren’t cute puppies or a recognisable breeds. 

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