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So, why ‘To the Bone’?

The concept of ‘To the Bone’ means to feel at the core of one’s being - one’s essence – for one to be fully and deeply affected by an event, a thing, a reality. This not only encapsulates our intention on this journey but also drives us to incorporate our passion for animals and all living entities into a worthwhile platform. 

We love dogs, cats and all animals for that matter! That’s why when you SHOP on our online store, a portion of every sale goes to an animal in need.

Every two/three months, we will support a different project. How will this work?

  • We will identify specific projects that require assistance.

  • Targets are set to ensure help is being provided exactly where it’s needed.

  • Donations and proceeds from the online sales are used to provide specific predetermined resources for the projects. This means that we know the animals are benefiting exactly where intended and the effects of the funds aren’t being diluted. 

Can we support local traders as well as the animals? We’re all just as important, right?

Yes! To provide the puuurrrfect symbiotic relationship and utter harmony between us two legged types and our four (mostly) legged allies, we are also constantly sniffing out and scouting for cool, new local products for our online store. 

But even with all these ideas, intentions, worthy craftspeople and animals, we need you to become the fibre of the composition – so, spoil yourself, your loved ones or your furry best friend and you’ll be helping an animal in need.


  • To help displaced animals in many different communities and areas, ensuring support is as widespread as possible. 

  • To run projects pushing us to constantly reach our targets.

  • To make a notable difference in the lives of animals and the communities affecting them. 

  • To help our customers also ‘do good work’ by shopping on our spectacular online store. 

But, WHO ARE WE? We’re pretty sure you want to know!

We are a young couple based in Fish Hoek. Not only are we self-confessed animal-lovers in principle, but we also have five rescue dogs of our own. We also have the same amount of years’ experience in working in the animal welfare spectrum and have picked up much first-hand and hands-on experience from numerous shelters in a variety of realms. We are therefore confident that we know not only how to help but also know that we are truly making a difference. In addition, we are passionate about animal health and responsible pet-ownership and are enthusiastic in sharing our knowledge and experiences with you. 

Our ultimate goal is to keep this dream as alive and fluid for as long as possible. We aim to consistently reach out to a variety of worthy animal projects where we can make a noticeable difference!

LET’S GET STARTED! No time like the present – no present like the time!


Our current project is a Cat Food Drive in the greater Hartbeespoort area (North West Province, South Africa). Harties Feral Cat Rescue are currently guardians to over 800 cats, thus one of their biggest need is cat and kitten food. 

We've set a BIG target for this one.

Our mission is to try and raise enough funds to fund 500kg of cat/kitten food over the next 3 months for Harties Feral Cat Rescue.

For more information about this project click HERE.

P.S: We will still continue to support our kennel and pet food drive based in the Ocean View Community where we can. 

Click HERE for more information about this project.

What’s stopping you? Shop on our online store and you will help an animal in need. Every little bit counts – the biggest journeys are made up of the smallest steps, and with good company, it’s even better.