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2kg Earth Bokashi Food Container & Earth Bokashi 700g

2kg Earth Bokashi Food Container & Earth Bokashi 700g

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700g Bokashi comes in a 2.5L Bucket. Normal use is 450g of Earth Probiotic Bokashi Bran in 25L bin.

Make sure nothing goes to waste in your kitchen, this is a must in any green household. This reusable 2kg food collection container gives you a handy place to keep all your food scraps. 

  • Collect food scraps in this convenient container
  • Partners perfectly with the Bokashi Recycling Bin
  • Durable & strong can hold up to 2kg of food scraps
  • Made in South Africa


  • Collect food waste, to be used in conjunction with Earth Probiotic’s Waste Recycling bin.
  • Once your Collection Container is full, add the scraps to your Bokashi Recycling Bin (the fermentation process takes place in the Recycling Bin, not the Collection Container).
  • Add food waste into the bin, sprinkle over a generous handful of Earth Bokashi every 2nd day, gently press down to remove air. Close the bin between fillings.
  • When Earth Bokashi is added to food waste, the moisture in the waste activates the beneficial indigenous microbes which start the fermentation process.
  • Earth Bokashi stops food from rotting, eliminates foul odours and pre-treats food waste so that it can be safely and easily composted, buried or fed to an earthworm farm.
  • *This includes raw & cooked food, dairy, small bones, citrus, eggshells, seafood, & meat!


Earth Bokashi’s earth-friendly formula includes the use of indigenous South African Microbes and quality waste materials including sawdust, which would otherwise be disposed of into landfills.


  • Dimensions: 18 cm x 14.5 cm
  • Capacity: 2kg