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Baldwin, Michael - Exit Wounds (Hardcover)

Baldwin, Michael - Exit Wounds (Hardcover)

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The strike.

Charles Kay: eminent expert on snakes, a respected man with a fully documented past and an attractive daughter, Ginevra.

Mossad snatched Kay and killed the girl but they hit the wrong girl and kicked over a diplomatic hornet's nest.

The venom.

In Tel Aviv Kay was charged as Ernst Haider, a major in the SS and a war criminal. Mossad claimed him as their due.


Patrick Matson, British counterintelligence ace, forced Mossad's hand. And they in turn pushed Kay too far-for nothing. He was just a tired old man. Dead.

The cover-up.

Perhaps Kay was Haider. Perhaps not. Who really cared? It was time to close the file. It was time to call off Matson. But who could stop him? Matson had the scent of blood...

Exit wounds - a viperous web of mistaken and multiple identities in the cynical world of national expedience.