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Bibby, James - Ronan's Rescue (Trade Paperback)

Bibby, James - Ronan's Rescue (Trade Paperback)

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Sometimes Tyson really wished she hadn't followed her father's trade and become a warrior. In a world of six-foot, muscle-bound men full to the brim with testosterone it wasn't easy being five feet four and female. But Tyson had learned to cope, and the male warriors had learned to respect her (well, they had little choice, it was either that or get very dead very quickly). Then she met up with Ronan, and life became a LOT more fun.

But now someone has kidnapped him - and so Tyson is going to get him back. It shouldn't be too much of a problem; she only has to get past the most powerful witch in Midworld and an orc army several thousand strong. And she does have a couple of friends to lean on. Unfortunately, they happen to be Tarl, a man who claims to have cadged a free drink in every pub in Midworld, and Puss, a psychopathic little donkey with a nasty line in sarcasm and a taste for meat-feast pizza.

And Tyson isn't the only woman with a problem. Amongst the Vagens (a tribe of Yuppie Vikings who have terrorised antique shops and fabric warehouses the length of the coast) lives Klaer, a princess who is determined to captain the first raiding longboat to have an all-women crew.

Will Tyson and Klaer succeed? Will Tarl get thrown out of another pub? Will Puss discover how nice orc-flesh tastes? There's only one way to find out...

Ronan's Rescue is the second book in the Ronan trilogy and has been painfully translated from the original Gibberish by James Bibby.