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Bingham, Harry - Sweet talking money

Bingham, Harry - Sweet talking money

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In the bestselling tradition of Jeffrey Archer and Dick Francis comes a hot new commercial talent. A young scientist, Cameron, has an idea that could revolutionize medicine. She believes that once published, her findings will change the world.

A maverick financier, Bryn, sees the potential but convinces her that truth alone is never what secures change: its money, nous and competitive savvy.

He persuades her to go into business with him. Their aim: to build a stock market company worth a hundred million pounds – big enough to survive assault; strong enough to market Cameron’s technology to the entire world.

Corinth, a corporation worth a hundred billion dollars, sees Cameron’s technology as a threat and aims to wipe out the fledgling enterprise.

The story becomes a race to the stock market – and a battle to survive.