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Birmingham, Stephen - The Rotham Scandal

Birmingham, Stephen - The Rotham Scandal

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Second-hand books in good condition. Images sourced from the internet. All books are cleaned before shipment/collection.


Alexandra Rothman – a legendary member of New York’s most powerful publishing dynasty – is about to face the toughest decision of her life…

After the tragic death of her husband, Alex takes control of Mode magazine and devotes her entire life to its success. On the day that circulation reaches five million and Mode is hailed the world’s leading fashion journal, her father-in-law, Herb Rothman, attempts to seize control of the company.

He announces the appointment of a new member of staff – a wickedly dangerous English woman, Lady Fiona Fenton. No one seems to know who she is or where she comes from, but one thing is clear: Herb intends to destroy everything Alex has worked for.

Then she receives an offer from the family’s greatest rival. Should she fight to hold on to the magazine, or join in a scheme that will ultimately destroy it?

Either way, Alex appears destined to lose. Herb holds the key to a terrible secret in her past that, if revealed, could ruin her reputation forever and cause the biggest Rothman scandal of all…