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Booth, Pat - Beverley Hills

Booth, Pat - Beverley Hills

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Second-hand books in good condition. Images sourced from the internet. All books are cleaned before shipment/collection.


Paula Hope arrives in Los Angeles, penniless and on the run from a violent and tragic past. Her great taste and style catch the eye of an international interior designer--and her career and life seemed touched by the gods when she is asked to help redecorate the fabled Sunset Hotel. Then she finds a deep and passionate love with the owner of the hotel, superstar Robert Hartford--but happiness like this can't last forever. And there are those in Beverly Hills who threaten their love AND endanger their lives. The whole town is consumed in an epic battle to win the Sunset Hotel, while an ancient vow of revenge, a paranoid jealousy, and an act of betrayal cast a shadow over the happiness Paula has sworn will be her destiny.
"[Pat Booth] roars down Rodeo Drive in a sex-fueled tale of movie stars, new age mystics and a battle to control one of the world's great hotels."