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Carney, Daniel - Wild Geese II - BARGAIN BIN

Carney, Daniel - Wild Geese II - BARGAIN BIN

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BARGAIN BIN BOOKS - Second-hand books that are a little bit damaged. Images sourced from the internet. All books are cleaned before shipment/collection.


She had a cause she'd die for--and a face man would kill for.

He has no loyalties except to himself--and to the highest bidder for his services.

She hires him to forge the deadliest team of mercenaries the world has known--and the wild geese are ready to fly again.

For forty years, four superpowers armies have kept a death watch in Spandau prison--a private prison for just one man, once a brutal butcher, now a bitter ghost. In the cause of human rights, The Wild Geese must pluck Rudolph Hess out of the heart of the most heavily guarded fortress in Europe.