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Chudley, R. - Construction Technology - second edition

Chudley, R. - Construction Technology - second edition

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The four volumes of Construction Technology provide a comprehensive guide to building technology from simple domestic single-story construction using traditional techniques to more complex multi-story construction using more modern industrialised techniques. Each volume describes the technology concisely and is well illustrated with the author's own illustrations. The series provides a basic knowledge of all building activities from basic methods of construction in the early volumes through to more complex topics such as site planning, curtain walling, and builders' plant in later volumes. The series concentrates on the technology and avoids lengthy descriptive passages, leaving the description to the author's very detailed drawings. Volume 1, along with volume 2, covers conventional or traditional methods and materials of construction. It introduces the student to the techniques used in building a small structure such as a bungalow or two-story house. The book covers the basic parts of a building such as a substructure, e.g. site works and setting out and foundations; the superstructure, e.g. walls, flooring, and roofs; simple finishes and fittings, e.g. partitions, and painting and decorating; and the basic aspects of water supply and drainage.