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Clarke, Shaun - Red Hand

Clarke, Shaun - Red Hand

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Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1999... The so-called 'peace' in this troubled city is still being constantly disrupted by sectarian violence. At a particularly sensitive point in the ongoing truce negotiations, British intelligence learns that a powerful Loyalist paramilitary group is using computer hackers to obtain information on a wide range of prominent local citizens - Catholic and Protestant.

Pete Douglas, a Belfast-born Protestant and highly decorated former SAS sergeant who has led a chequered life is sent covertly into the Province to find out what is happening and, if possible, put an end to it by any means at his disposal. Operating under a false identity, he infiltrates the Loyalist group, but eventually makes contact with Patricia Monaghan, a seductive radio journalist with Republican sympathies. As Pete becomes passionately involved with the sexually extreme Patricia, he is also drawn into the shadowy world of the Catholic paramilitaries - and eventually finds himself caught between the two warring sides.

Even as he realizes that he will now have to make some difficult choices, Pete learns what it is that British intelligence needs to know: something bigger and potentially more disastrous than anyone could possibly have imagined...

RED HAND is another powerful, controversial, highly erotic thriller by Shaun Clarke, the Belfast-born author of the bestselling "Underworld".