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Coleridge, Nicholas - With Friends like these

Coleridge, Nicholas - With Friends like these

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Anna Grant is an investigative journalist with a flair for making people talk. Beautiful and clever, she beguiles her subjects into spilling their secrets, then betrays them in print. Her glamour, looks, and talent have made her one of publishing's rising stars, as well as earned her a multitude of enemies. When she is found dead in her apartment one evening, the suspects are Anna's so-called friends, all of whom seem to have had a motive for murder: there's Micky Rice, her competitive editor, who's terrified of being eclipsed by his more talented writer; Kit Preston, the editor-in-chief of the magazine and Anna's sometime lover; Bruno Fulger, the corrupt and powerful scion of a wealthy family, whom Anna exposes. Finally, there is Erskine Greer, the sophisticated and amoral subject of an article Anna was preparing - with friends like these, who needs enemies?