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Collins, Jackie - Hollywood Husbands - BARGAIN BIN

Collins, Jackie - Hollywood Husbands - BARGAIN BIN

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BARGAIN BIN BOOKS - Second-hand books that are a little bit damaged. Images sourced from the internet. All books are cleaned before shipment/collection.


Hollywood Husbands are hot...

Hollywood Husbands are dynamic...

Hollywood Husbands are sexy...

Jack Python is the hottest Hollywood Husband of all.

He rules nighttime TV and his controversial talk show burns up the ratings, while the women he encounters melt. With one expensive divorce behind him, and involved in a highly erotic affair with Oscar-winning actress Clarissa Browning, Jack Python has power, charisma, success, and money. But sometimes everything isn't enough.

Howard Soloman, head of Orpheus Studios, is the man, the Hollywood King.

Anything Howard wants, he gets. Including women. The sweet smell of power and Howard's street-smart style reels them in, even when he doesn't want them. And after three multimillion-dollar divorces, and a current Mrs. Soloman, who spends his money at a speed faster than sound, he doesn't want them at all. Working for billionaire studio owner Zachary Klinger, a man with a whim of iron, Howard has problems enough. And if Howard can't deliver daytime soap megastar Silver Anderson at Klinger's command, he may lose his footing at the top of the heap. Though in Hollywood it's said that when you fail, you fail up—from the top Howard has nowhere to go but down.

Mannon Cable is a superstar.

With great looks and a body to match, he is full of self-deprecating charm. Married briefly to gorgeous Whitney Valentine, who left him to become a television superstar, he was hit by the divorce where it really hurt — his giant ego. Mannon quickly remarries, and his new wife tries valiantly but vainly to mend his damaged self-esteem. Meanwhile, Mannon nails everything that moves ...

Jack Python, Howard Soloman, and Mannon Cable have been competitive friends for years. Yet when Jade Johnson enters their lives, the least-expected one of the self-styled "Three Comers" may have finally met his match.

Jade Johnson is a woman of the eighties. Strong, independent, a top New York model, she comes to L.A. for a series of million-dollar TV commercials. Jade is a dangerously beautiful woman with personal integrity and a mind of her own. The Hollywood game fails to impress her, but slowly, surely, she is sucked in. And, high roller that she is, if she must play, Jade will play to win.

HOLLYWOOD WIVES, with its ten-million copy sales, and its spectacular success as a television mini-series, left Jackie Collins' devoted audience avid for the other side of the story.