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Coughlin, William J. - Her Father's Daughter - BARGAIN BIN

Coughlin, William J. - Her Father's Daughter - BARGAIN BIN

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BARGAIN BIN BOOKS - Second-hand books that are a little bit damaged. Images sourced from the internet. All books are cleaned before shipment/collection.


As president of Van Horn Enterprises, Hunter Van Horn was one of the most powerful men in New York…

But outside of the towering Van Horn Building, he held more power than most could possibly imagine as one of eight members of the Vault: a secretive group of New York power brokers who quietly run the city.

And the support of the Vault became increasingly important as Van Horn realised that his company was in dire straits and in danger of sinking fast…

When Van Horn is killed in a plane crash, everyone assumes that control of his mighty but ailing empire and his seat on the Vault will pass to his feckless son, Junior.

But even in death Van Horn still has a few tricks up his sleeve — it is not his son, but his daughter Victoria, from whom he had been estranged for years, who is his true heir.

Victoria Van Horn, beautiful and rich in her own right, has reservations about taking on her father’s role in the business.

Especially as she has just gambled everything she possesses on a new and risky venture of her own...

As for the all-male bastion of the Vault, she holds no illusions.

Yet she cannot shirk her duties as her father’s heir and soon discovers her father’s enemies are now set on destroying her…

Her brother, Junior, is furious at having been slighted and with his scheming wife Cecelia, he launches a suit to discredit Victoria and throw her out of Van Horn Enterprises for good.

In this endeavour he is seemingly helped by Chilton Vance, Hunter Van Horn’s trusted right-hand man whose treachery hides beneath an easy smile and a determination to ruthlessly bring down the entire Van Horn family…
Her Father’s Daughter explores the deception and corruption that can tear a family apart.