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Craven, Sara - Summer of the Raven - BARGAIN BIN

Craven, Sara - Summer of the Raven - BARGAIN BIN

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BARGAIN BIN BOOKS - Second-hand books that are a little bit damaged. Images sourced from the internet. All books are cleaned before shipment/collection.


She was trapped in a lie!

Rowan's stepmother, Antonia Winslow, was selfish and totally unscrupulous. It suited her purposes to pretend that Rowan was only sixteen years old. But it was nineteen-year-old Rowan who suffered the backlash of the lie.

Forced by Antonia's conniving to live in the isolated household of famous painter Carne Maitland, Rowan was helplessly drawn by the force of his personality.

But what was the use of falling in love with him when Carne assumed he was merely the object of Rowan's adolescent fantasies?