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Dettori, Frankie - What every man wants (Hardcover)

Dettori, Frankie - What every man wants (Hardcover)

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The Ultimate Trophy Book. If you like your sport, the chances are you've dreamed about winning one of the trophies in this book. If you love your sport, you've probably dreamt about them all.

Whether you have aspirations to one day claim one of these beautiful prizes as your own, or you've finally and begrudgingly accepted that your championship-winning days are over, What Every Man Wants is definitely for you.

As the ultimate guide to the world's most sought-after sporting prizes, it tells you everything you need to know. Enjoy a potted history of each trophy and the championship for which it's contested, before reliving the most memorable moments of drama that have unfolded over the years in pursuit of that beautiful prize.

This essential sporting guide, introduced by the legendary Frankie Dettori, will reveal all the facts, codes and magic that make these holy grails pretty much what every man wants …