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Druckerman, Pamela - French Children Don't Throw Food

Druckerman, Pamela - French Children Don't Throw Food

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What I liked about this book is that Pamela Druckerman didn't set herself up as the all-knowledgeable expert saying "this is what you must do as a parent". I dislike parenting books that dictate rules to me!

This book is more about her experience as a parent bringing up her three children in France, learning to raise her family the French way. We find out all about the cadre (framework), how children learn to be polite to adults and many other things. She readily admits that her own children are far from perfect, and often struggle to behave, but they are learning.

I am very impressed by the description of the state provision of creche, and nursery places. The menus for the creche were outstanding. I'd like to see some of this rolled out in the UK!!

I laughed out loud at the caca boudin episode. I love that the preschoolers have their own swear words!

A thoroughly enjoyable, well-written, informative, and entertaining book.