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Earth Bokashi Earth Probiotic 2kg

Earth Bokashi Earth Probiotic 2kg

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Earth Probiotic Earth Bokashi can be added to food waste to begin the fermentation process making food suitable for composting. Once you have collected a large enough amount of food scraps place it in the Bokashi Recycling Bin & sprinkle a layer of Earth Bokashi Bran into the bin.

  • Add food waste between layers of Earth Bokashi in the recycling bin.
  • Microbes in the Earth Bokashi start a fermentation process.
  • Once this process is complete, empty the bin into a compost heap, bury it under the soil, feed to earthworms, or make soil.
  • After you have collected & fermented your food you can use it to add nutrients, minerals and microorganisms to your soil.
  • *This includes raw & cooked food, dairy, small bones, citrus, eggshells, seafood, & meat!

How does it work?

  • Bokashi bran is full of beneficial microorganisms that help to ferment food scraps; the process is anaerobic (it takes place without air), breaking down your kitchen waste into nutrient-rich soil food without letting it rot or releasing a bad odour. When your scraps have been fermented, you can then add the end product to your flower pots, compost heap or worm bin where it will then be exposed to air and small animals (worms & insects) and become compost. This is such a simple way to make your household more sustainable, and use your kitchen waste in an eco-friendly way.

Please Note: Once the recycle bin is full, it will need to stand unopened for 2 weeks to complete the fermentation process. Ideally, your kitchen should have 2, Earth Probiotic Bokashi Recycling Bin for Food Waste so you can use one while the other is left to stand.