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Faure & Richardson - Baby Sense

Faure & Richardson - Baby Sense

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Baby Sense has been translated into several languages and has twice won a prestigious international award (UK Practical Pre-school Awards Gold in 2008 and 2009). With 100 000 copies in print, the time has come for an update. The book's accessible tone and the focus on baby's sleep, calming, and development remain in the new edition, while authors Meg Faure and Ann Richardson updated the content to reflect current research, and address questions and requests from both moms and professionals.

What is new?

Why babies are different - babies have different ways of coping with sensory information, which affects their personalities and how they respond to their new world.

• How parents can help their baby maintain a calm alert state.

• More information on the relationship between tiredness and crying.

• Breastfeeding is discussed in much more detail.

• An expanded section on colic and early infant crying with step-by-step responses to colic.

• An updated massage section based on a new theory of the different strokes. • Postnatal depression is fully updated and redefined based on a current thought.

• The concept of perinatal distress is introduced. The new edition of Baby Sense is sure to hold the same appeal for parents in that it offers practical solutions for the common issues of infancy. The new content will enhance the ways parents respond to their baby's sensory needs in a sense-able manner. International acclaim for Baby Sense "Sensory input is good, but babies can suffer as much from over-stimulation as from under-stimulation. Baby Sense strikes a wise and helpful balance between these extremes. It will teach you to read your baby's cues and adjust the environment and your interactions to give your child the optimal level of sensory input at stage." Lise Eliot, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, Chicago Medical School, USA Baby Sense received gold in the 
UK's Practical Pre-school Awards "... easy to read and full of excellent tips ... "