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Friedland, Linda, Dr. - Having it all

Friedland, Linda, Dr. - Having it all

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Today’s working woman needs to be Superwoman: frantically juggling the never-ending tasks that fill her day. But all this Busyness often comes at the sacrifice of personal time and needs, leading to Burnout: depletion of physical resources, deterioration in health, and frustration and resentment.

In this practical and down-to-earth book, Linda Friedland looks honestly and squarely at all the demands and challenges of today’s busy woman and offers a way of coping with all these stresses, while avoiding the Burnout.

Her Seven Point Plan is a practical, workable approach to managing the stresses of modern existence. It offers solid, sensible advice on:

  • maximising your physical strength and energy
  • establishing what’s important
  • organising your life
  • not allowing time to control you
  • filling yourself with enthusiasm, living with meaning
  • actively pursuing contentment and satisfaction
  • making peace with your life and making your life peaceful

Through the Plan, Linda Friedland shows you how to integrate all aspects of your life in a way that feels good, while maintaining your health and achieving peace of mind and living meaningfully. She offers a way of moving from a state of unease, stress, fatigue and a constant sense of hurry towards a state where you have more energy and satisfaction, and shows you that it is indeed possible to juggle it all.