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Giddens, Anthony - Sociology

Giddens, Anthony - Sociology

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Sociology is the leading introduction in its field in the world today. The new fourth edition preserves, and further enhances, the book′s striking qualities – its lucidity, liveliness, comprehensiveness, and originality.

This edition incorporates many new materials. All the empirical data are the latest available. In its original edition, the book was the first text to incorporate a treatment of cutting–edge areas of the subject, such as the impact of globalization. The new edition is equally innovative: it is the first textbook in sociology fully to come to terms with the impact of the internet and the new economy. An analysis of these developments is fed into many of the chapters.

The fourth edition also includes a diversity of new chapters, sections and topics. There are new chapters, for example, on poverty and social exclusion and on ecological problems. As with previous editions, the book maintains a strongly comparative orientation, with materials drawn from a variety of different societies and cultures across the world. Even more emphasis has been given to sociological theory than in previous editions. The chapters specifically devoted to theory discuss classical figures but include treatment of recent authors such as Ulrich Beck, Manuel Castells as well as Anthony Giddens′s own contribution to sociological theory.

For the first time, the book will be accompanied by a companion website, which will provide online support for users of Sociology – both lecturers and students. From the site, lecturers will be able to download an instructor′s manual and a variety of invaluable teaching aids, including powerpoint slides featuring maps, graphs and figures from the text and sets of sample essay questions and multiple choice questions for lecturer customization. Students will find chapter–by–chapter web links to important internet resources, on–line quizzes and competitions and a whole range of other learning facilities.

As a result, Sociology is a state–of–the–art introduction to the subject. Written by one of the world′s leading sociologists, the book combines innovation and accessibility in a way rivalled by no other text.