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Gizzls Cat Fish CBD Treats 30'
Gizzls Cat Fish CBD Treats 30'
Gizzls Cat Fish CBD Treats 30'

Gizzls Cat Fish CBD Treats 30'

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Gizzls treats are hand baked with love from start to finish. The CBD treats were developed with an animal nutritionist and use nothing but the very best all natural, grain-free, locally sourced ingredients.

No animal by-products, meals, corn, wheat nor anything artificial, be it preservatives, colours or flavours, will ever find their way into our products, so they're hypoallergenic as well as delicious!

The cat treats are baked with fresh mackerel meat which is full of omega-3 fatty acids. It’s rich in protein which is perfect for obligate carnivores. Mackerel contains very low levels of mercury, as it’s fished out of deeper waters than other fish, making it more likely to come from an unpolluted environment, so it’s healthier for cats and also free from hormones and any other nasties. As for the vegetables, these are sourced from local community gardens that don‘t use pesticides.

Each treat contains 3mg of the highest quality full-spectrum CBD oil.

Benefits of CBD for your cat:
- Reduces anxiety
- Aids digestion
- Provides joint support
- Eases pain and inflammation
- Non-psychoactive
- Soothes itchy skin
- Natural and holistic
- Promotes heart and circulatory health
- Stimulates appetite

Gizzls Cat Fish CBD Treats 30'