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Harvey, Andrew - The Direct Path

Harvey, Andrew - The Direct Path

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Andrew Harvey's successful, high profile book on how to follow the direct path to the Divine, without teachers, gurus, or intermediaries, now available in b-format paperback

Drawing on Tibetan, Hindu, Taoist, Christian, and Kabbalistic traditions, Andrew Harvey shows why he believes the direct path is now essential to the future survival of humanity - and how the truth and vibrancy of this radical vision depends on reclamation of the Sacred Feminine.

From visualisations to T'ai Chi to Tantra, this magnificent book also offers specific practices for honouring the body and spirit, yet sanctifying the whole of life. Lucid, forthright, accessible, and helpful, The Direct Path is a comprehensive handbook that is as thought-provoking as it is practical and as radical as it is timeless in its sincerity of purpose.