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Hudson, Harriet - The Girl from Gadsby's

Hudson, Harriet - The Girl from Gadsby's

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Nell Watkins doesn't appear to be the ordinary star-struck girl to the burly doorman barring her way to the dressing room of beautiful musical comedy star Melissa Hargreaves. 'Tell her,' Nell insists, 'I'm the girl from Gadsby's.'

Earlier in the day, Melissa's petulant complaint to the management of Gadsby's famous fashion store led to Nell being promptly and unfairly dismissed. And now Nell wants Melissa to know just what her thoughtless words have resulted in. But unknown to Nell, Melissa is engaged to Tom Gadsby - with whom Nell is in love from afar. Conscience-stricken and distressed, Melissa uses her influence not only to get Nell her job back but in a more senior position, as buyer in the fashion department.

Nell is consequently torn with conflicting emotions. She is thrilled with this opportunity to put into practice the innovative ideas she has to bring Gadsby's back into the forefront of fashion retailing, in direct opposition to Jonathan Gadsby, the stubborn owner of the store, and excited at the possibilities her friendship with the glamorous Melissa brings. But her new life also brings a loss - for Tom is totally under Melissa's spell, and even when she deceives him, he forgives her - time and time again. Yet, Melissa and Nell's friendship seems destined to survive against all the odds.