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Johnson, R.W. - How Long will South Africa Survive? (Trade Paperback)

Johnson, R.W. - How Long will South Africa Survive? (Trade Paperback)

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The Looming Crisis.

In 1977, RW Johnson's best-selling How Long Will South Africa Survive? provided a controversial and highly original analysis of the survival prospects of the apartheid regime. Now, after more than twenty years of ANC rule, he believes the situation has become so critical that the question must be posed again. He moves from an analysis of Jacob Zuma's rule to the increasingly dire state of the South African economy, concluding that the country is heading towards a likely International Monetary Fund bail-out which will, in turn, lead to a regime change of some kind. Johnson's analysis is strikingly original and cogently argued. He has for several decades now been a senior international commentator on South African affairs, known for his lucid analysis and complete lack of deference towards conventional wisdom. He writes without fear or favour. This is a book for every South African.