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Kellerman, Jonathan - Survival of the fittest (Hardcover)

Kellerman, Jonathan - Survival of the fittest (Hardcover)

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In this riveting follow-up to the "New York Times" best-selling "The Clinic, " psychologist Dr. Alex Delaware confronts an almost unimaginably cruel, arrogant, and obsessed killer who takes as much pleasure in matching wits with the police as in robbing human life--all in the name of science. The nightmare started with a single crime: the murder of 15-year-old Irit Carmeli, the daughter of the Israeli consul in Los Angeles. But within days it had become one of the darkest, most menacing cases of Alex Delaware's career: three young people dead with no apparent motive, and the only trait linking them is the fact that each has a disability. Driven to find the answers, Alex will work closely with his longtime friend Milo Sturgis of the LAPD, but with Inspector Daniel Shavari, the brilliant Israeli detective who solved the serial murders in Kellerman's best-selling novel, "The Butcher's Theater." In the end, though, it is Alex who will go undercover to expose the smug brutality of a self-styled elite who will justify their bloody deeds by any means.

"Survival of the Fittest" is Kellerman's most provocative and disturbing novel yet. In portraying the chilling consequences of pseudo-science he shows yet again why he has been called "crime fiction's hottest author."