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Kitty Milk 250g

Kitty Milk 250g

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Don't know what to get, but you still want to help animal shelters in need.

Why not donate and be part of the cause.

Every month we focus on a worthy animal shelter, where we will assist them with a special project that they require help with.

During January, February, and March 2021 our aim is to raise R30 000 to be able to sterilise up to 50 dogs or cats in the Wesbank Community in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town with Grace Animal Sanctuary. On the day we will also supply the animal owners with pet food.

One sterilisation cost R480. The more funds we raise, the more dogs and cats we can sterilise, which will help with many problems within this community.

Supplies and proceeds will go towards Grace Animal Sanctuary.

Help a kitten or cat in need with this nutritional supplement and milk replacement. KittyMilk can be used for orphan or rejected kittens or as a dietary supplement for all cats, especially for those recovering from an illness, pregnancy or who are lactating.