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Kruger, Etienne - Earth

Kruger, Etienne - Earth

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Second-hand books in good condition. Images sourced from the internet. All books are cleaned before shipment/collection.


Someone is trying to steal the patent to Sex™, an award-winning innovation and UnReal Gaming Ltd’s only edge in the fierce world of cyber entertainment. Without it, no one will want to play their game Earth™…

There’s a dirty secret too. AIDS is not a Disease®, but a real virus, one that’s been haunting Earth’s systems administrator, that almighty geek, Godfrey O. Dickerson-Jones for seven long years.

Incensed players demanding billions in compensation. Callous gamblers who regard Earth as their private roulette wheel. Irresponsible youngsters playing fast and loose with Southern African politics. The Zimbabwean presidential guard. These pose minor challenges in Godfrey’s mad quest to save Earth from financial ruin.

Minor? Why? Because there are women involved. Three of them.

Earth™ is a corporate adventure that weaves IT, contemporary physics, and pure fantasy (including the previous government’s theories on HIV/AIDS) into an insane, near-believable plot that will have readers doubting the very nature of their existence by book’s end. That said, it’s definitely easier to swallow than a stodgy mouthful of garlic and beetroot pie.