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Llewellyn, Sam - The Return of Death Eric

Llewellyn, Sam - The Return of Death Eric

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What do you mean you've never heard of Death Eric? Eric Thrashmettle is only, like, the singer and lead guitarist of the most famous and influential rock band ever known. Ask your dad.

Eric has two kids: Lulubelle Flower Fairy and Living Buddha Thrashmettle. For obvious reasons, they prefer to be called Lou and Buddy. And they often find their dad very embarrassing. He hasn't performed in years--not since a raven pooped in his eye at the Chickenstock Festival. But now his triple-platinum credit card has been cut up, the bank account is empty, and the Lamorari is out of gas. His kids want their credit cards back, so Lou and Buddy must abandon all self-respect and get their terminally embarrassing dad back on the road.

Desperate times mean desperate measures. Protect your ears, kids! It's the return of Death Eric.