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Nel & Beudeker - The Leadership (R)evolution: Creating a High Performance Organisation

Nel & Beudeker - The Leadership (R)evolution: Creating a High Performance Organisation

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Creating a sustainable High-Performance Organisation (HPO) is one of the primary leadership challenges facing any leader. This has always been the case in any era and organization, but the nature of this challenge has undergone a revolution since the 1960s. The world of work has evolved. The emerging generation of talented people and future leaders increasingly reject authoritarian, command-and-control style leaders as the norm. The focus on discipline and the delivery of high performance has not decreased. In the globalised world, this demand is increasing. The difference is that leaders and organizations that deliver sustainable competitiveness have discovered that they have to place equal emphasis on performance and people; being competitive and caring; being courageous and consistent. The reality is that your organization is first and foremost a human system, and so it needs to be designed and run in ways that are fit and friendly for human life. In order to achieve this new way of being, it is important that all leaders in your organization, regardless of their seniority, focus on the behaviours and actions that will generate energy and therefore productivity in the organization. Using South African case studies and examples benchmarked against global best practices, the areas of focus covered in the book include: the way you execute your strategy; the way you organize your people in order to achieve your strategy; how you recruit; retain and manage your talent; how you reward and celebrate their success; the way you measure your efforts to achieve your strategy and implement the controls you need to achieve it; the values you embed that all stakeholders need to buy into; how you manage the change leadership that is required to make all of this happen. It will require both revolutionary and evolutionary changes to remodel your organization and adopt the actions and behaviours required from leaders who create High-Performance Organisations.