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Philip's - Pocket travel atlas

Philip's - Pocket travel atlas

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Second-hand books in good condition. Images sourced from the internet. All books are cleaned before shipment/collection.


Philip's Pocket Travel Atlas, now in a Flexi paperback binding, is a compact and portable world atlas, which is ideal for the briefcase, suitcase or back-pack. The 96 pages of up-to-date world maps are physically coloured to give a vivid portrayal of the Earth's landforms, with cities, towns, major transport routes and administrative boundaries clearly shown. Additional information for the traveller includes population statistics and maps showing time zones, flight paths and world climate, together with street plans for 26 of the world's most visited cities, arranged in alphabetical order for ease of reference. A concise Gazetteer of Nations provides up-to-date information for 150 of the world's countries, with key facts on currencies, languages, governments, plus current medical and travel advice. At the end of the atlas, the 64-page letter-figure index lists all major towns and cities, plus numerous geographical features such as mountains, rivers and lakes. The slim format of this atlas makes it ideal for travellers of all kinds, and the map coverage reflects an emphasis on areas most visited by international airlines.