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Prevention Health Books - Healing with Vitamins (Hardcover)

Prevention Health Books - Healing with Vitamins (Hardcover)

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Second-hand books in good condition. Images sourced from the internet. All books are cleaned before shipment/collection.


The Most Effective Vitamin And Mineral Treatments For Everyday Health Problems And Serious Disease.

The ultimate guide to using Nature's powerhouse nutrients for preventing and curing disease.

You'll discover:

The 4 antioxidant nutrients hold back the aging process (page 68).

The 9 key vitamins and minerals to take if you're overweight and trying to lose pounds (page 444).

The 4 main nutrients that combat fatigue (page 246).

Why you don't want to go on a low-salt diet if you have high blood pressure (page 298).

The vitamin neutralizes artery-clogging cholesterol (page 288).

The nutrients that chase allergies (page 80).

The 3 main vitamins and minerals that help prevent wrinkles (page 560).

The 8 key nutrients for boosting your immune system (page 326).

The vitamins and minerals you need if you're facing surgery (page 527).

The 5 nutrients that protect you from smog (page 512).

The 3 minerals and 2 vitamins help banish PMS (page 462).

The B vitamin that every pregnant woman should take to prevent birth defects (page 116).