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Putnam, Anne H. - Navel Gazing

Putnam, Anne H. - Navel Gazing

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A frank, funny and intelligent memoir about body image, weight and a question every woman has pondered: how do you define normal?

For anyone who's ever avoided the mirror, skipped swimming or got stuck in a dress in a changing room . . .

Almost every woman worries about her weight. For Anne H Putnam, it became unavoidable -- by the age of seventeen she weighed over twenty stone and had tried everything, from dieting to fat camp to wearing big t-shirts. When she decided to have weight-loss surgery, she thought everything would change. But now, nine years later and ten sizes smaller, she has discovered that changing your body doesn't automatically change how you feel about it.

Navel Gazing is a funny, passionate and no-holds-barred memoir of one woman's quest to accept her own body -- to feel normal. It will make you laugh, cry, cringe -- and wonder why it's so hard for women to feel happy with the way they look.