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Reader's Digest - Southern Africa Spectacular world of wildlife (Hardcover)

Reader's Digest - Southern Africa Spectacular world of wildlife (Hardcover)

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There's nothing quite like it anywhere in the world. It's a visual tour de force - complete with high drama, raw tragedy, sound effects, and stunning costumes. Scripted by Nature and choreographed by the weather, hunger, and sheer chance, it's the spectacular world of southern African wildlife. The variety of the landscape, the extremes of climate, and the huge diversity of vegetation create ideal conditions for a fraternity of wild animals unequaled anywhere else on Earth. More than 900 species of birds cohabit freely with 338 mammal species, a diverse population of reptiles and amphibians, and an inestimable number of insects. In South Africa alone, nearly six million hectares of land are devoted to conservation. There is a growing awareness of the importance of wildlife heritage, and the necessity for its continued survival, in spite of industrial development and the encroachment of man. Fuelling this awareness is the commitment of a group of dedicated photographers who spend days.