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Rees, Nigel - The News Makers

Rees, Nigel - The News Makers

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Second-hand books in good condition. Images sourced from the internet. All books are cleaned before shipment/collection.


The Newsmakers is a novel, first published in 1986, that portrays the lives and loves of four TV presenters on a British all-news channel.

Bringing you the news on N-TV tonight –

Reporting from South Africa – David Kenway, roving correspondent and roving husband. His work – and his pleasures – take him to the world’s trouble spots.

Covering the race for the US presidency – Ben Brock, trusted and respected, benign and distinguished. But the camera records only the smooth exterior

– never the personal sorrow within ...

And, at home, Lynne Kimberley, firm and authoritative – a mature reporter with a loyal audience of millions. She’ll never lose them – if only she can hold her drink.

And N-TV welcomes March Stevens – just twenty-six, the new recruit who has only to blink those innocent blue eyes for the nation to swoon. But her English rose looks to attract an unhealthy degree of interest ...

N-TV – Britain’s top newscasting team: reporting the headlines ... and making them too.