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Robertson, Gavin - Thousand (Hardcover)

Robertson, Gavin - Thousand (Hardcover)

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Computer expert Simon Northcott has very nearly perfected the biggest financial scam the world has ever seen. But his scheme to plunder the foreign exchange markets has one vital piece missing, a tricky bit of advanced maths called a drifting table, needed to keep all the millions of simultaneous deals together for the few seconds needed to pull it off. For that, he needs a genuine maths genius - and someone he can trust more than he trusts himself. This is where Kay, better known as Thousand (because of her daunting IQ) comes in. But does he want to involve the only woman he's ever really loved in a scheme that will more than likely get her killed? Because once the powers that be get wind of the scam he knows they're going to go to any lengths to make the problem and its perpetrators disappear. And as Simon is about to discover, advanced maths is a simple affair compared to the labyrinthine complexities of the human heart.