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Sharpe, Tom - Grantchester Grind (Hardcover)

Sharpe, Tom - Grantchester Grind (Hardcover)

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It is crises time again at Porterhouse, where crises never come in singles. The formidable Skullion is showing signs of frailty - he tends to have difficulty with his second case of Hardy's twenty-year-old Special of an evening - and the tricky business of appointing a new Master has to begin again. Meanwhile, the college's monstrous debts refuse to go away, and a sinister American seems determined to make a film on the premises. And if there is trouble ahead there is also trouble behind: the widow of the previous Master is convinced her husband was murdered, and - at a price - she plants an agent into the Senior Common Room to dig up an unpleasant truth that everyone else would rather much leave under the carpet.