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Sheldon, Dyan - Confessions of a Hollywood Star

Sheldon, Dyan - Confessions of a Hollywood Star

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Dyan Sheldon's comically melodramatic heroine casts her best friend, Ella, in a supporting role as they conspire to land a part in a real-live movie that's filming tantalizingly close to home.

After enduring years of angst, Lola is graduating from high school and finally getting out of Dellwood "Deadwood," New Jersey. She can't wait

to move on to bigger and better things — even if it means she'll be studying theater at Brooklyn College and not her dream school, London's prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. But destiny intervenes when Lola learns that a major Hollywood movie is being filmed right there in Dellwood that very summer! Lola wastes no time in telling everyone (including her nemesis, Carla Santini) that she, of course, is going to be in the movie. Now it's just a minor matter of convincing the director to give her apart. Is the Drama Queen ready — and wily enough — to make the leap from the stage to the silver screen?