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Shields, Carol - Unless

Shields, Carol - Unless

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Written with sadness and honesty, Unless is a bittersweet reflection on women and their place in the world, real and literary...

Reta Winters has spent her 44 years in quiet contentment. Enjoying her moderate success as an author, working as a translator for Danielle Westerman, and satisfied by the other small pleasures of her life, Reta has no cause for complaint. That is until her oldest daughter, Norah, drops out of university and parks herself on a street corner wearing a sign around her neck that reads "Goodness." Confused and angry, Reta is forced out of her contentment and into restless reflection. As she tries to understand the meaning of her daughter's decision, she turns to write to provide solace for her anger. As she pens her rage into unsent letters, Reta confronts her thoughts on women--in the world, in writing, and as writers.