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Thompson, Simon - While you're in a traffic jam, I'm playing Golf!

Thompson, Simon - While you're in a traffic jam, I'm playing Golf!

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How does one achieve balanced success in all aspects of life: career, business or financial results, family, health, spiritual, social, and personal development?

As a developing business leader in the dynamic referral marketing industry, Simon Thompson explains some of the essential characteristics and qualities necessary for success in your own business.

With businesses in nine countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and India, the author draws on 15 years of experience to relate success principles that can help you position yourself for business growth.

In 21 engaging chapters, peppered with humorous anecdotes, he outlines practical ideas for someone evaluating or pursuing referral marketing as a vehicle to achieve his or her dreams and goals. This is not a book on the theoretical aspects of business, but rather a practical guide on the what's and how-to's of getting to the top.