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Trenhaile, John - Nocturne for the General - BARGAIN BIN

Trenhaile, John - Nocturne for the General - BARGAIN BIN

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BARGAIN BIN BOOKS - Second-hand books that are a little bit damaged. Images sourced from the internet. All books are cleaned before shipment/collection.


"In a Soviet prison camp near Murmansk - temptingly close to the Finnish border - is an old man, broken but not bowed, known only by a number. Were his name to be made known, his fellow inmates would kill him.

For this old man with blackened teeth and arthritic legs is Stepan Ilyich Povin, former KGB general, now disgraced but kept alive for the sake of the secret which - unwittingly - he has retained through two years of interrogation and beatings.

Povin's secret is the final link in a chain whose completion would make his former masters very happy indeed - an which draws British Intelligence ever closer to the camp on the Arctic Circle...."