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Vetmed Wound & Skin Care 250ml

Vetmed Wound & Skin Care 250ml

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Highly Effective and Safe VetMed Antimicrobial Wound and Skin care is a broad spectrum animal care product that is intended for wound management, including skin irritations, cuts, abrasions, sores, burns and used as a topical skin spray. It is safe for all animals at any stage of life. VetMed HOCl technology helps with accelerating the healing process, minimising scars and with preventative infection control.

Product Benefits
• No alcohol, antibiotics or steroids
• Neutral pH for optimum effectiveness on animal skin
• Pain and Itch relief
• Safe if ingested or licked
• Non-irritating
• Wound healing properties

VetMed provide the optimal conditions to substantially increase the ability to heal naturally without the use of harmful toxins.

VetMed HOCl Technology is a liquid solution formulated using salt, water, and a state-of-the-art electrolytic cell. Using the latest state of the art technology.