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Watson, Shane - The One to Watch

Watson, Shane - The One to Watch

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Second-hand books in good condition. Images sourced from the internet. All books are cleaned before shipment/collection.


Amber, rock wife, society beauty and lifestyle guru has died suddenly on the eve of her fortieth birthday. Now her close circle of friends has come together to contribute to an in-depth documentary about her life, each offering their personal take on The Real Amber Best. So, which of them really knew Amber, and who was she? Was she the sexy bohemian goddess of her television show, mother of a brood of dazzling children, running wild on her country estate? Was she the loyal friend and confidante she appeared to be, the devoted wife and muse? Or was there a more complicated and devious character behind the elegantly disheveled facade? And who are her close friends? There is Jack, the relentlessly single girl, Sam, the woolly landscape designer, Amber's unlikely co-presenter. Amanda, Nicholas, the pin-striped lawyer, Andrew, the gentle, long-suffering husband and Lydia the arch troublemaker. They all thought they knew Amber, and each other, as well as anyone, could. But without her, the delicately spun web of friendship begins to unravel and damaging secrets threaten to shatter all of their assumptions.