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White, Joe - Wired by God (Hardcover)

White, Joe - Wired by God (Hardcover)

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Empowering Your Teen for a Life of Passion and Purpose (Focus on the Family).

For most teens, life can be like a roller coaster, and it's easy for them to lose sight of the future. "Wired by God" gives parents the tools to inspire their teens to get excited about the future and tackle new dreams with confidence, passion, and purpose "Wired by God" is packed with hands-on self-assessments, tests, and exercises to help parents steer their teens into a discovery of their God-given, unique-in-all-the-world blend of talents, personality, and interests. Helping teens to dream is a fun, exciting, and natural part of coaching them through adolescence. Includes a free workbook on CD-ROM with expanded self-assessments and planning tools for teens to use on their own.