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Yap Hake YapSnacks 100g for Dogs
Yap Hake YapSnacks 100g for Dogs
Yap Hake YapSnacks 100g for Dogs

Yap Hake YapSnacks 100g for Dogs

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YAP! YapSnax pure hake treat is an irresistible and highly nutritious treat for dogs. This premium single ingredient treat is loved and favoured by even your more discerning doggie. Fish gives a wonderfully high-value scent, which is great for training or just telling your best friend how much you love them.

The larger pieces of dried hake are packed with natural nutrition including naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, supporting optimum condition. Hake is a rich source of natural protein allowing your dog’s body to function properly and contributing to various aspects of your dog's health including maintaining and repairing the skin, muscles, bones and hair. Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids from fish helping to promote a healthy heart, skin and coat condition and aid joint mobility

Key Benefits:

  • Full of Omega Fatty Acids great for skin, joints and healthy coats.
  • The crispy chips are surprisingly soft and tender.
  • Handmade selecting only the best pure hake.
  • Sustainably sourced fish.
  • Contains zero artificial flavours, colourants, corn, wheat, salt or soy.
  • Premium recipe comprises of only natural ingredients.
  • Locally made in South Africa.


  • 100% Hake
Yap Hake YapSnacks 100g for Dogs